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Dear Sir:

Good morning.

I am talking about (A) charge the dormitory for (B)

(B) provide the free dorm for (A) staff on business trip.

So could you provide the free dorm as (B)





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  • 老二
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    The American branch is charging its headquarter the fee of accomodation when the headquarter staff come to the America branch. But now the headquarter argues that when the American branch staff came to the headquarter, they were not charged. Therefore, it seems fair for the American branch to do the same to the headquarter, isn't it?

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  • tzylan
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    Dear Sirs,

    We received an email from you regarding the accomodation fees occurred during our staffs visited branch office in USA. After checking our records, we would like to inform you that as your head office we never charged you the related accomodation fees before when your staffs visited us.

    Under this circumstance, could you please consider to absorb this expense as we did? Your early reply is highly appreciated.

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  • 羅莉
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    Dear Sir,

    Concerning your request of our reimbursing you the accommodation charges of our colleagues during their visit at your place, we wish to draw your attention that we did not charge you on the same category of your people who visited us last month. May we propose you write off this category the same way we did?

    Looking forward to your early reply ,

    Best regards,

    Xxx Xxx

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