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Help with puppy biting and potty training.?

I have a new Puggle, my first puppy, and have had her for about a week now (she's 9 weeks old, almost 10 at this point) and she was very quiet and calm when I first got her. She would go pee outside when I took her. Now I can't get her to go poop outside. We have a doggie door and I know she knows how to use it (I've seen her multiple times). Any suggestions for that? I've tried rubbing her nose in her piddle, but don't know what to do for her poop. Would piddle pads help if I put them by the doggie door?

Also, she is severely into biting. She's drawn blood on me multiple times and always insists on biting my ankles and toes as I walk, or attach herself to my pants and won't let go. I've tried multiple things with little to no response. I got her a few toys and would praise her any time she used them, replacing my foot/pants/shoes with one of her chew toys. I also had a friend that told me to spray her with a little water when she does it, that also hasn't worked. I also had a friend who told me to give her a soft little smack on the tush (the rolled up paper trick) and that only seems to make her more vicious, making her growl and bite more. I want my puppy to be good, I don't want to do the wrong thing and end up with a bad puppy.

Help!! (also, please be nice, i'm just trying to learn)

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    I'm a senior and have housebroken puppies for others, so I am well experienced. I also was asked to housebreak my doctor's two puppies. Never ever put your dog's nose into their stuff. That is terrible and I have just wanted to cry when I hear this.

    Speak to your puppy in a gentle, loving voice. They are just like a baby and you don't hit a baby! When she bites, stop her and say NO. in a louder voice. She will sense you are upset. It takes awhile but TRAIN her. She will be trained once you get her to understand what you want. She's still a baby but she wants to please you.

    Now get her things to chew on. Will she play with a ball? Go get in bring it back? A little dog loves those little bouncy balls. Do you have toys for her?

    Let's talk about the going pee and poop. The way I train a pup is not to ever let them have the run of the house. You can train them in two or three days if you follow this method. You have to take time to train your puppy and it does take time and devotion to get them to be a good happy pet. Whenever we got a new puppy, we knew we could go nowhere for about two weeks, except outside.

    I put the dog on a leash and kept it right beside me where ever I was. I would put the leash around my wrist or ankle.

    Puppy will sleep a lot. As soon as she wakes ,take her outside and then praise her when she goes. They pee pee as soon as they wake up. When she eats, take her out as soon as she is done. Go outside to play and watch her. When she goes potty, praise her big time.

    I often would lie down when I had the dog on a leash and the leash on my wrist. As soon as the pup would wake, she will go in a circle looking for a place to pee. Then rush her outdoors again. They will not potty where they sleep so you are safe sleeping on couch or such w/her. She may know where the doggie door is and how to use it but she needs to be taught that you want her to go potty outside. She doesn't understand that yet.

    I have never had trouble with a dog pooing in the house except for one time. I got an abused dog that was 3 yrs. old and never had been housebroken. I was so exhausted . But I'd take her outside for long walks and 2 wks after I got her, she pooped outdoors and I praised her over and over ."Good girl, go potty," I said over and over. That day she caught on and never ever went potty in the house again. It took alot of tiring hours but that is what it took. After that she knew what "Go Potty' meant. I could tell her to go outside and I'd say "go potty, we are going to bed". She would head out the door and go pee for me then.

    Remember you may get tired now but she will be a blessed friend and all she wants to do is please you. And understand what you want.

    One more thing, don't play rough with her if she is a biter, and just say no in a firm voice and constantly stop her and give her a toy or play ball with her instead. A pup chews anything and everythiing so provide her with chew toys.

    You can do it. Love your doggie. If I had you for a neighbor, I'd help you. Hope this gives you confidence that you can do it.

    Source(s): I would reference my 50 years of dog training and housebreaking animals for many people. Experience is the best teacher.
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    don't use the pads or you will have a pup going indoors instead put a leash on her and take her out and stay with her until she goes and give lots of praise.what's happening is that when she went out on her own she wasn't receiving any praise but soon learned that she would get a lot of attention when she went inside,even if it was negative(pushing her nose in the piddle,shouting,spanking etc...) as for the biting get a rolled up newspaper and carry with you at all times the moment she tries to reach for your toes ,pants shoes etc... slap the paper on your hand so it will make a loud popping sound and followed by a stern"NO" by smacking her on the tush she thinks you are teasing her instead of correcting her,mama dog would never go from behind it's always on the scruff or in the face area.do not give her any toys at that time your puppy is in play mode and she will think that you are just joining in on the fun. feel free to contact me if you need to get more tips

    Source(s): 15 yr breeder/obedience instructor
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    Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I'd suggest you https://bitly.im/aMah0

    A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

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    Crate training for the potty issue, clicker training for the nipping issue. I have yet to have a pup, meaning young, 8-10 weeks, that couldn't be clicker trained to sit using luring in a couple of days. When she nips, stop moving, tell her to sit.

    You are going to get answers to yip like a pup that is nipped when she does this, unless this is a constant, as if the pup was with littermates, it often doesn't work well. The pup knows you aren't a pup. Screech loudly, as if the little bugger just ripped a finger completely off. Carry on as if you need an ambulance & reconstructive surgery. This will startle the pup, and this is the reaction you want.

    Inform your family of what you will be doing, you don't want to startle them.

    Source(s): Decades of terrier ownership, expert at nothing
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    Mouthing and biting are natural, normal behaviors; all puppies do it. During teething (generally starting around four months), the urge to mouth is extra powerful because it feels good on your pups' tender gums. Lacking opposable thumbs, puppies also use their mouths to catch, carry, and play, making it all the more crucial that they learn how to control themselves in the presence of human skin.

    Here's how to stop your puppy from biting http://dogtime.com/biting-and-mouthing.html

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    Wow. Almost and if not exactly like my puppy. I'm having the same problem also.

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