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Please rate my wm 25 card! Of course without cena in any matches, since he's injured.?

1. Monster Bash (6 Men Battle Royal)

Ezekiel Jackson vs Snitsky vs Mark Henry vs The Great Khali vs Festus vs Vladimir Kozlov

2. Women's Championship (Fatal 4-Way)

Mickie James (c) vs Beth Phoenix vs Mellina vs Candice

3. ECW Championship (Extreme Rules)

Matt Hardy vs John Morrison (c)

4. Divas Championship (Triple Threat)

Natalya vs McCool (c) vs Marysse

5. Money In The Bank

MVP vs Shelton Benjamin vs Mr. Kennedy vs Kane vs Elijah Burke vs Evan Bourne vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

6. Street Fight Match

Mr. McMahon vs Ultimate Warrior

Special Referee : Hulk Hogan

7. Superstars vs Legends Tag Team Match

JBL & The Miz vs Mick Foley & The Rock (Special Guest)

8. Stone Cold's Last Match

Stone Cold vs Chris Jericho

Special Referee : Ric Flair

9. RAW vs SD! Interpromotional Match 1st Round

CM Punk vs Umaga (Steel Cage)

10. RAW vs SD! Interpromotional Match 2nd Round

Batista vs Big Show (Last Man Standing)

11. RAW vs SD! Interpromotional Match 3rd Round

Randy Orton vs Edge (Anywhere Falls)

12. WWE Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Triple H (c)

13. Main Event : World Heavyweight Championship

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker (c)

P.S : I have wrote this before, but please rate it and choose the winner.

WQ : Wich one is better, my MITB or Main Event?

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    1. Kozlov

    2. Candice

    3. Matt Hardy

    4. Natalya

    5. Shelton Benjamin

    6. Ultimate Warrior

    7. Mick Foley and The Rock

    8. Stone Cold

    9. CM Punk

    10. Big Show

    11. Edge

    12. Jeff Hardy

    13. The Undertaker (17-0)


    WQ: MITB

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    1st Monster Bash (6-adult adult males conflict Royal) Winner = the great Khali 6.5/10 2nd women folk's Championship (deadly 4-way) Winner = by some skill, Melina 7/10 third ECW Championship (severe policies) Winner = Matt Hardy 8/10 4th Divas Championship (Triple hazard) Winner = Michelle McCool 6/10 5th motor vehicle parking zone Brawl Winner = Kane with the aid of an prolonged shot 8.5/10 6th funds interior the financial company Winner = Shelton Benjamin 9.9/10 seventh highway combat tournament Winner = maximum suitable Warrior 8/10, be humorous to video exhibit lol 8th specific Tag group tournament Winner = The Rock and Sock Connection 9/10 ninth Stone chilly's final tournament Winner = Stone chilly 10/10 Why his final tournament? tenth uncooked vs SD! type Supremacy 1st around Winner = CM Punk 8/10 11th uncooked vs SD! type Supremacy 2nd around Winner = Batista 9/10 12th uncooked vs SD! type Supremacy third around Winner = Randy Orton 11/10 thirteenth WWE Championship Winner = Triple H 9/10 considerable experience : worldwide Heavyweight Championship Winner = Undertaker 15/10 P.S: do no longer ignore to %. the winner and on your opinion, which tournament (in this card) may be the excellent tournament? the two the Orton side or the Michaels Taker tournament celebrity for you ;)

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