Why does my grass have large yellowish dry spots? I weed and feed and water. ?

How do other people keep their yards so green? Whats the secret?

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  • Penny
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    1 decade ago
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    It could be that you are using the wrong type of weed -n-feed. Or you are not putting it evenly on your grass, hence the large yellow spots.How often do you water your yard and for how long compared to your neighbors. All soil types are different and I only use household items and natural stuff on my lawn and garden. It also depends on what side of the street you live on? It also could be that a neighbors dog is using your yard to urinate on! Best of luck to you.

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    these people dont know what they are talking about. do not plant clover, it'll overrun your yard. do not rent an aerator, in the fall and spring, u can find people to do it for you for the price to rent it yourself. and make sure its a core aerator not a spike aerator. also, if its a fungus, it wouldnt really be yellow. a fungus will usually turn the soil black and u can usually see moss growing. that can be solved with a few apps of fungicide and lime. fungus is always caused by the same thing, standing water. NEVER water in the evening or at night. you have to water in the early morning so any excess water is evaporated. there are several things it COULD be but it sounds like an animal. lime helps neutralize the soil so that can help, but if the animal keeps going to the bathroom there, it'll eventually kill the grass completely and just be a bare area. it could be caused by a disease, dead weeds, zoysia grass going dormant, grubs, etc. what kind of grass do you have and what state are u in?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the yellow spots are due to a lot of causes;

    the main one being insect larvae- in that case, use milky spore or BT to get rid of them. these two products harm nothing else, and keep the healthy earthworms, pill bugs, and other good parts of the lawn functioning.

    another cause is a fungus in the lawn, some of which can be treated, and some, such as verticulum wilt, cannot, and makes a person wait until the next lawn season to re-establish the lawn.

    Others causes may be daytime heat, not enough water, too much water, wrong sort of fertilizer, fertilizing at wrong time of year, fertilizer burn, hard soil patches, not enough organic sponge as a lawn base (this takes 3 years to build up with a 3x per year application of ample organic matter), gophers and mice, and animal urine, though most urine is actually a good source of nitrogen if watered in, and other problems. Maybe the area is affected by too much shade.

    Fixes: you may want to periodically plug your lawn with a rental machine that does that to aerate and loosen up your soil.

    Perhaps make a lawn mix of various grass seed types.

    Perhaps plant New Zealand white Clover as a way to inject nitrogen from the air into the soil, alleviating much chemical fertilizer application. besides that, clover will loosen up the soil, and create a hospitable environment for earthworms. Plus, it is really good heat tolerant and evergreen

    In most cases, it is best to try natural means to deal with a solution first, instead of resorting to chemical means as a first resort.

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    I think its likely to be dog pee too. Water the 'spots' thoroughly to dilute any residue and they should go green again really quickly. If they are bigger than this then you may have some patches where the dirt is hard and not absorbing water well...a poke around the area with a stake should reveal the answer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this could be fusarium patch which is a fungal disease of fine turf etc regular brushing in the morning to remove morning dew can help this is usually found in the autumn and can spread if not treated . The best way to treat this is by a recommended fungicide applied by the manufacturers instruction

  • 1 decade ago

    hmm i agree with all other answers but add that if u do ...do not water your lawn in the middle of the day best at early morning or late afternoon so the sun does not fry your lawn

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    do you have any pets or are there any pets around (dogs, cats...)? Their urine is very strong and dries out ur grass. Other than that you are either using too much fertilizer because if u use too much it will burn it rather than help it.

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