I need help signing an Vietnamese Application!?

its for vietnamese school. But i dont know what it says.Can someone pleave translate thse words for me please?

1. Ho Va Ten

2. Sinh

3. Rua Toi (giay chung chu)

4. Ruoc Le Lan Dau (giay chung chu)

5. Them Suc

6. Ho va ten Cha

Ten Me

7. Ho Va Ten Giam Ho ( Neu khong o voi cha me)

8. Dia Chi

9. Ho va ten anh shi em ruot cung hoc lop giao ly-viet ngu nay

10. Truong Hop Khan Cap Xay Den Bat Ngo Xin Lien Lac Gap

11. Nhung dieo quan trong ve tinh trang suc khoe cua hoc sing ma gia dinh muon nha truong can biet phong khi co chuyen khan cap

???? Please help me!

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    This must be a Catholic school :)

    1. Last name and First name (in Vietnam, last name goes first so it would be Doe Jane)

    2. Date of Birth

    3. Date of Baptism (baptism certificate)

    4. Date of First Communion (First Communion Certifcate)

    5. Date of Confirmation (Comfirmation Certificate)

    6. Father (cha)'s and mother's (me) full names

    7. Guardian's full name (if not living with parents)

    8. Address

    9. Names all siblings who are taking this bible study/Vietnamese

    10. List names and # in case of emergency

    11. List any health issue about the student that the family needs the school to be aware of in case of emergency.

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    1. Full name

    2. Birthday

    3. Certificate of baptism

    4&5. I don't know :">

    6. Full name of your father

    Full name of your mother

    7. Fullname of your guardian (if you don't live with your parents)

    8. Address

    9. Fullname of sibling who learn with you in this Vietnamese catechism class

    10. How can we contact you in emergency situation?

    11. Important information about your health

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