Music Theory.. is there any thing to help memorize notes on bass and treble cleft!?

Music theory test tomorrow on treble and bass clef i need something to help memorize the notes.... just to let you know the treble clef note order is defgabcdefg and bass clef is fgabcdefgab so if you can think of something to help me memorize it it would help me alot!

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    1 decade ago
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    Spaces for Treble spell out FACE

    Lines for treble spell out a phrase E-very, G-ood, B-oy, D-eserves, F-udge

    Spaces for Bass spell a phrase "A-ll, C-ows, E-at, G-rass" or "A-ll, C-ars, E-at, G-as"

    Lines for bass clef spell out "G-ood, B-oys, D-eserve, F-udge, A-lways"

    Wait, I don't understand what kind of music theory that is...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey dear.

    I realise the time when you said the test was, was two days ago! But maybe for future use this would help!

    Then select "trainers", then "note trainer" and you can then select the clef and with the aid of "toggle helpers" and just repetition, trial and error, you can remember them.

    Sorry I couldn't answer this sooner, hmm.

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