How does mucus production occurs in respiratory tract in response to an allergen?

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    Allergic reactions to inhalants, be they pollens, dust, molds, etc., cause the mucous membranes to secrete lymph in an attempt to wash away the irritants. When the irritation persists, the constantly produced mucous begins to dry and thicken, providing a warm, moist, dark place for airborne bacteria to land and colonize into what become ***** infections.

    Doctors are good at prescribing medicines that can help to control various stages of the irritation and after effects. But unless you isolate the triggering causes and reduce your exposure to them, it will keep repeating. So start thinking back and keep a diary describing your surroundings until you can figure out what the initial triggers might be.

    It is complicated, because what can in one case be a trigger, when there has been prior exposure to some other irritant, can not appear to be a trigger when taken by itself. That is to say, sometimes allergic irritants have a way of masking reactions to other irritants. This is most typical of food allergies, which can cause hives on the skin, which is a very strong allergic response, or in milder reactions can cause nasal and sinus irritation, or repeating sneezing.

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