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Disk Cleanup for Windows Vista ?

Hi, i have an HP pc and i wanted to do the disk cleanup. This one is actually way different and more complicated than windows xp prof, becuase there is a lot more options and more files to delete. Anyway if i were to remove all the files, i would free up 2.69 gb. So should i remove all the files without having any problems with my pc.

When i go on the disk cleanup, i see --> downlaod program files, temp. internet files, offline webpages, hibernation file cleaner, depug dump files, office setup files, system error files, thumbnail files, temporary files .... and much more. Is it okay if i delete all these files.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Yes it is 100% alright to delete those files. Why would the disk cleanup delete something that its not supposed to?

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