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is there a support group for U.S. citizens who have had their spouses deported?


I have been married for 7 years to a guatemalan who has been taken by an inept immigration lawyer in 1994. We have tried to correct papers since 2001. I have 3 children with first husband who lives in my area but cannot financially support children for last 8 years due to illness. Cannot leave country. Own a business with deported husband and need him for it to continue being successful. Financial situation and emotional stability of children in jeopardy.

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    Just as none of you would just leave your home and move your children from a place where you've established roots and have friends, work and go to church - so does she. What kind of horrible, bigoted people are you??

    People - she is an American citizen and her husband had been duped by an immigration lawyer --- don't you have any sympathy for her distress? It doesn't sound like it's hers or her husband's fault necessarily and this situation is not totally unheard of either.

    I would suggest you get yourself a good immigration lawyer that could possibly perform pro-bono work or at low cost to help your family out.

    Good luck!

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    US citizens who really want to stay married and live with their lawbreaking spouses have the spouses sponsor their immigration (or at least residence) in the foreign spouses' countries, so support groups are outside the US.

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    I've never heard of any such group. I think your best bet is to pack up and move to Guatemala so that you, your husband and kids can be a family again.

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    Nope,you should have thought about the future consequences before you married him.

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    There sure is, they meet once a month in Mexico City.

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    go back to guatemala with your man...neither of you are wanted

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    why not go live with them?

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