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What is a high fever for a five year old?

There is details everywhere about infants but i cant find one about 5 year olds..What im wondering is when do i get my five year old out of bed and take her to the ER instead of just giving her tylenol..Thanks!

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    Anything over 37 degrees celsius (98.6F) is considered to be a low fever from toddler age through adults. Anything from 39 degrees celsius (102.2F) onwards is generally considered to be a high fever, in the UK at least.

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    103 or higher is high. If the tylenol doesn't work give the 5 year old a cool-warm bath for 20 minutes. If it lasts a couple days, call your doctor.

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    Make her rest in bed the whole day. Give her vitamin C, orange juice, water, and have her go on a B.R.A.T. diet since her stomach hurts. B.R.A.T. stands for banana, rice, applesauce, and toast. Applesauce on some whole wheat toast is yummy. When she's in bed, maybe play a quiet board game that doesn't have much action, or a card game like go fish. Have her take a nap too. If her temperature gets to at leas 103 take her to the hospital.

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    It is about the same for all ages except infants, 103-104. Hope she gets better.

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