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What do Bill Russel and K.C. Jones have in common?


They both won 8 rings together.

both won NCAA titles together

Both won gold medal together


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    To clear some things:

    KC Jones was considered by the NCAA to be INELIGIBLE for post-tournament play in 1956. Russell carried the Dons through the regional and the Final Four enroute to the Dons second championship all by himself. In fact,iirc, it was in the 1956 Finals against Iowa that Russell set the NCAA Finals rebounding record of 27.

    Russell was the team captain and the highest scorer of the 1956 US Olympic Basketball team which had a RECORD Olympic average winning margin of 50.3.

    Russell has 3 rings as a Celtics w/o KC Jones, two of which came as playercoach. And before you say that KC also has 2 rings as coach, thats different, mainly because Russell is a PLAYERcoach and not a regular coach like KC was in the 80's with Larry Bird. Russell was playing on the court for 40+ minutes while at the same time calling plays, making substitutions etc. Russell, by the way, is only second to Wilt in terms of average minutes per game. Remember there were no regular assistant coaches at that time, the Celtic assistant coach was Havlicek, the team captain. It is testament to Russell's greatness and stamina that he was able to lead the Celtics to back to back rings despite carrying such a heavy workload.

    As for Jordan, well, . . . .

    In '81, UNC with James Worthy and w/o Jordan went to the NCAA championship and lost (to Isaiah and the Hoosiers, i think).

    In '83 and '84, without James Worthy and with Jordan, UNC did not even reach the Final Four.

    Who was more important to UNC?

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    The Celtics had a truly great team and Russell was the leader with his ferocious play and ability to block shots and rebound. Winning titles cannot be described as over rated. He was the ultimate team leader and all he wanted to do was win. There are some very talented players playing today that need to learn that mindset of a true champion.

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    That's right, they both won 8 rings together. They both won NCAA titles together and they both won Gold medals together.

    Have a nice day! :)

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    Both won the NBA championships for Boston?

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    They both played for and coached the Celtics to an NBA championship.

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    yup kobe's 3 rings are over rated!... they belong to shaq...

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