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OMG: Date my Ex: Slade and Jo?

Did anyone watch last night where Slade says he wants to date Jo! Wow. I think that is soo stupid. What is your opinion on it? Oh and Chris leaves. How stupid!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No one was shocked. Didn't we all expect that to happen? It was so obvious that Slade still had the hots for her AND felt that he still was in control of her. I truly think that Jo only deals with him because she needs him as her sugar daddy. If she were to find a new one or start making money on her own, Slade would be history.

    Didn't you notice how after the dinner, Slade asked (as he was leaving the table), "How did you pay for the dinner" Jo said: "I put it on my credit card" Slade smile or smirked and said: "yeah, like you always do" He is probably the one that pays for her credit card bills.

    They both are such a sad couple.

    And, I'm glad that both of those guys leave. It is ridiculous to have that show and it end up with Slade back.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Let us take a step back in time okay. Slade who was supposedly a financial broker went broke. His home was foreclosed he moved to LA and took an apartment and then whored himself out to Bravo for this realty TV show. A show which portrays both himself and Jo as utter idiots. Deservedly they both should be dating as they are both made for each other. Slade is broke from financing Jo's pseudo music career and now he needs her to be supporting him. Oh how times have changed. IF and I use the word loosely, had any sense at all she would go into some Sales job with a high end ticket item and start to make her own money.

    The concept of the show and those two barely literate egotistical idiots is soon to come to an end.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's because the show is stupid!

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