Fantasy Football Team?

What's a fantasy football team? Is there any such thing as a fantasy basketball team? Thanks to anyone who describes it to me in a detailed way :)


What website do you go to? Can you give me as many choices as you can?

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    Fantasy football team are teams of people who sign up NFL and college players they want to draft and during a drafting rounds they get certain players. The key is to draft your players according to how many players are in the league. There are automatic drafts ie Yahoo Sports etc.. Then throughout the season your players score a certain amount of points. The person with the most points at the end of the season wins. I have played both at work in the past and on Yahoo with a friends team. Sometimes there is $$ involved in some fantasy leagues.

    Yes, there is a basketball, there is baseball, and there is nascar racing fantasy.

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    As far as I know there is no fantasy basketball league. But as for football I am signed up in the flea flicker. com fantasy league. You go on line and pick all your players in a draft from any teams in the NFL. Your grouped with other people in other leagues and enter a draft at a certain time. You compete against each other. Points are rewarded based on each players performance for that week. Then the total number of points are awarded to your team and if greater then your opponents you are awarded one win for that week. Then at the end of the season they determine the league champion by the total combined points of all games. Try it out it sounds fun. This is my first time trying it too. Good Luck!

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    a fantasy football team is a team in a fantasy football leauge . people join a league to draft real players from the nfl to have on their team and they use those players every week to play against an another opponent in the leauge you joined. and yes there is a fantasy basketball leauge which you can make a team.

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