What was the Native American and European points of view when discovering the New World ?

I just want to know how the Native Americans side of the story and how they felt and the European side.

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    This is a veeery interesting questions.

    Europeans, who came, why they came and what they did when they found the new land. While explorer "discovered" by accident others realized it was a place to conquer, use the resources and ship them back home, in central and southamerican happened different things compared to the ones that happened in north america (talking about the colonies basically). In the beginning miliatars (or explorers with militar background) explored and their mission was to explote the resources to send back to their crown, spanish, french or british... forcing the actual ihnabitants to do something about, either fight, try to deal with it or leave, most of them in different countries basically were erased, the US is a clear example but they didn't kill them all, but in countries like Argentina, population was basically wiped off.

    How natives did see that? Not very nice, but it's too late to ask them, what modern natives say nowadays? They see it very bad. This "discovery" was the end of what this groups really were. Impossition of a new faith, disaster, unsustainable explotaition of resources in many many cases and slavery, just to name some. In countries like Mexico, there are actually protest made by natives on October 12, showing their disagreement againts Columbus esculptures in example.With new people arriving, new ideas that didn't understand the locals really overtook what there was by then. Although, there is a case of a missionary who in Yucatan, he started burning and destroying all he didn't understand and considered evil, then later because of him we know old mayans had a big deal of information and that was important to preserve, then he did was trying to save that information. I bet old mayans didn't like one way or the others, but spaniars had the guns.

    I believe that based on that Native Americans are not very happy about it. They ended in reserves when originally lived in big extensions or land, having their own issues with different tribes. Probably for them, the discovery of the new world ended as the end of their groups. I have done some observation and I notice resentment againts those who came and took over their lands with no asking, but who was knew it? The people who arrived to the US were in majority looking for the land they heard, leaving the brittish crown, emancipating themselves, at least the resources stayed, maybe the less worse situation was that. That compared to many other countries where they basically took everything away to Europe, in the new world, at least the US, they decided they wanted to keep the land and its benefits locally. I bet Europe didn't like that, but they had a population to feed and needed to acquire more land and more $ to sustain the crown.

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