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Does having Aspergers Syndrome make me a freak??

I know this seems a very banarl question but I feel sad having Aspergers Syndrome. It's a condition where I don't understand verbal instructions, get upset a lot, comprehensive vocabulary etc.

But people say that people with autism are very bright, but in what sense?

Loads of people say I'm a very bright and kind girl and my parents and friends adore me so much, but on some occasions, I get frustrated because there are certain things I think I cannot do.

I used to get teased at school by some nasty people (they were expelled afterwards anyway) and they called me a retard because I didn't know how to do pie in maths (which IS very hard) and do multiplication sums and long division, but maths has always been my weakness and many others, so why exactly is that a laughing matter?

They used to jeer at me for all sorts of things and I got so terribly depressed. My friends told them to f off and leave me alone and told them that I have aspergers syndrome and it's a serious condition which should not be made fun of and I cannot help it. It's just the way I was born. I am not severely autistic just a very mild version. I act like a normal person.

But then they called me a freak because I have aspergers. I am no different to everyone else whatsoever! I have feelings as well.

My family all say that I have nothing to be ashamed of, because aspergers makes me special. But I don't feel that way.

A lot of autisitc people are quite ugly, although that is not a nice thing to say, but it's part of their condition so they cannot help it. I sometimes feel like that, but people point out that I'm very beautiful on the inside and outside. Some can't even talk. I am very lucky to be one who can talk properly and nicely, and what my parents and friends point out is that I'm very sweet-tempered. I am very rarely angry but I get sad. Hormones always make you sad, but when you have a condition it's even worse.

I see things differently, there's my own world and everyone elses'.

But some simple things I feel I can't do and I feel I'm useless even though I'm not.

What does Aspergers Syndrome mean to you?

For me, some reasons, it makes me insecure and vulnerable. And sad as well.


I have plenty of friends and I am so happy to be with them as they will always keep by my side. I am usually very happy but sometimes just having a condition makes me feel sad.

Update 2:

I am really good at other things like Drama, RSPCA, Animals, Biology, Catering, Art, Histroy etc. Work - I work at a Disney store, Theatre, studio.

Those are some of my strengths.

Update 3:

I'm also a sporty person as well.

Update 4:

Thank you everyone. Your commetns are so understanding. :)

Update 5:

I also have a Special Statement for Special Needs organised by SEN CO.

Update 6:

I also have a Special Statement for Special Needs organised by SEN CO.

Update 7:

I also have a Special Statement for Special Needs organised by SEN CO.

Update 8:

Sorry. Didn't mean to post three!

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    You seem to be very successful in your life. I think you should remember that all of us tend to magnify things that aren't perfect about ourselves. What I do know is every one of us learn at different levels and by different delivery of information. I have been teaching for quite a few years and have been very fortunate to teach a set of brothers who were diagnosed with Asperger's as well as several others. I will tell you from my experience that these young people had very keen insight into other people. You are no different than any other young lady on the planet as far as learning goes. All have deficits to overcome in one way or the other. In many respects you have a significant advantage over most of them. You understand your needs and causes, you can set goals and make plans according to that to overcome. My suggestion is to base your life on all the positives (which sounds like many), set goals to overcome what you have the ability to overcome and adapt to that which life dealt you that cannot be changed. None of us can strive to be any more than our best at anything in life. Just be your best and to heck with the rest!

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  • happy
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    No you are in no way a freak. You sound exactly the same as ny daughter who has Asperger syndrome, she will often say she wishes she didn't have it. But she does have Asperger syndrome and it makes her the most interesting and funny person I have ever met. Like you she feels insecure and vulnerable and we as her family have to make sure that we are always there for her. She is brilliant at maths and some kids at school do envy her because of this however, she does not have any real friends. My daughter sees everything from a different angle to everyone else and sometimes her point of view makes so much more sense than the rest of us. She sees things totally in black and white and there is no middle ground. She likes us to be direct with her and not spring surprises on her. Just because you see things a little differently to everyone else doesn't make you a freak, you should be proud to say you have Asperger syndrome.

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  • Having Asperger's Syndrome does NOT make you a freak.

    People who tease you about having Asperger's Syndrome are showing their ignorance. Every time you get teased, this gives you a chance of being an advocate on the behalf of people who have Asperger's Syndrome including Autism by educating people about Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

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  • Anonymous
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    No, having Asperger's does not make you a freak.

    I always thought Asperger's Syndrome was when a person had difficulty understanding other people's emotions and empathizing with them, thus leading to difficulty fitting in. That does not seem to be what you are describing, so perhaps I will have to revise my opinion after I research the syndrome further.

    Anyway, don't let anything "define" you. You may have Asperger's, but that doesn't mean that Asperger's has to be the overriding influence on your personality. Adapt as needed, but just try to be who you want to be.

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  • Holly
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    Many people with Aspergers Syndrome live their entire life without knowing it. It is obvious that you don't have it. Unless of course you have obsessions or certain sounds trigger some uncontrollable reactions on you. You might have moderated autism. If you do, you probably are a high functioning autistic person

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  • 5 years ago

    Absolutely not in the slightest!!! You have asperger's for a reason and that doesn't make you a freak it's what makes you you. I have it too and I feel similar to you sometimes. I know life is a battle but if you have a positive outlook on life you'll win and all these nasty people that teased you in math will lose. For us aspies it just means that we aren't very good at socializing but that doesn't mean to say that we aren't intelligent or untalented because we are. Keep your chin up :) xx

    Source(s): Personal experience :)
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    The biggest problems that I have are frustration at being misunderstood, sensory issues, stimming, and not getting jokes, remembering names or faces.

    When I was a high schooler I wanted to try to be like everybody else, and it was very depressing. College I found to be much more appreciated.

    I think that those on the spectrum are usually very attractive.

    Many people have discalcula not just aspies.

    Being bright and autistic spectrum usually means that the person has great rote memory, does not need to do trial and error, can just solve puzzles, many excel at music, drama, and sciences.

    Suggest doing some reading:

    "Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger's Syndrome" written by Luke Jackson who was 13 when this was written. Being able to relate to a teens point of view I think is helpful. And its totally normal to feel like a freak at your age, it will pass, and you are not one.

    Also, look for articles/books by Stephen Shore. He is tremendously positive, and always says that he would rather be aspie than not. Temple Grandin also says this, her book "Thinking in Pictures" is good. Also "Pretending to be Normal" by Liane Holiday Willey.

    Finally suggest connecting to some other aspies online. There are lots of groups.

    Source(s): family full of ASD's
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  • Anonymous
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    Absolutely not. You are not a freak and people are just mean. I have a son who has mild AS and he gets teased for being too emotional that when he is upset he cries in front of his classmates. I am glad the school program transferred him where they have more kids like him or mild autistic. Please don't feel bad, I tell this to my son, kids are kids and bullies are just kids who are miserable at home. I am blessed for having an AS child, because he is a happy boy for the most part, his strengths shows in math and science, something I was terrible and had bad grades with. I am happy he finds passion and patience in the things that we take for granted. He is very intuitive, he is special in his own way.

    Don't feel bad and don't listen to those kids. I feel sorry for them actually...I wonder how they are being treated at home?

    Did you know Einstein, Newton and among other greatest scientists were AS?

    [edit]Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger's Syndrome, I read that book too!

    Source(s): mom of two
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  • 1 decade ago

    The straight answer to your question is no. You are not a freak.

    People who clamor to be normal just don't embrace their own personality, strengths, and weaknesses. You should embrace what makes you different, and focus on the things in life you enjoy doing.

    In my own opinion, I don't even see Asperger's as a handicap. Many people have the same problems you do who aren't diagnosed with anything.

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    You definitely are NOT a freak. You are an exceptional individual with some unique challenges. It appears that you are quite well rounded and doing a lot of things that will enable you to have a very happy and satisfactory life. Knowing that you have challenges and getting advice on how to handle them is already half the battle. All the best to you.

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