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British Fashion No Nos?

Probably includes saying "no nos."

I'm packing right now for London/North Kennsington for the next four months. Which is awesome not because I can only bring two bags.

I was wondering, because I'm a bit alternative in the way I dress, if there was anything I should avoid that are specific to England (not like not wearing navy socks and black shoes).

For example, I wear a lot of scarves and handkerchiefs in the US, but Rachel Ray got accused of being a terrorist for having a neck scarf and I don't wear red handkerchiefs bc that's a gang symbol.


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    First off, the big Rachel Ray thing was only because of the kind of scarf. Scarves in general are fine.

    I'm not sure about any "no nos" (haha) but I have seen quite a few Brits with shorter pants and big black shoes. Looks rediculous to me, but it seems to be the thing over there. Anyways, I would check out some English magazines to get fashion ideas. Check out some of Emma Watson's clothes.

    Just as there are no huge no nos in America, England is similar. As long as you have a general idea of the fashion, you'll be fine.

    Best of luck and enjoy your trip!

  • No. we pretty open to fashion here, especailly up in the shopping parts of london.

    there arent any rules, just be yourself.

    just dont wear a tracksuit or anything

  • indie stuff is in

    like scarfs and like shorts/tights

    just go with the flow as long as your not like omg brightt colourrrrrssss and like all gothy

    then uno its just seen as normal

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