Bare Mineral Foundation?

I'm thinking about getting bare mineral foundation, there's a deal online atm for it, inc brushes etc. But before I buy it I just wanted to see some reviews of it by people who have tried it before, weather its bad or good ones.

Also, is there a product out there (in the UK) that is just as good as bare minerals that is cheaper or is bare minerals the best!?



Also, how long can u keep the foundation before it's all gone? Like how long does it last for until u need to buy a new one again

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    love Bare Minerals. I have been using it for about 5 years now and during that time I have tried other brands of mineral makeup as well as tried different liquid foundations. I have found Bare Minerals to be the easiest to use and to be the highest quality of other mineral makeup out there. Other brands that I have tried don't blend well and feel really dry. Bare Minerals feels very creamy but is not greasy. Remember though since it is a powder you will need to moisturize before you use it. It does have a bit of a sheen to it, it gives the skin a nice healthy glow but some might find it too shiny. Mary Kay has a comparable mineral foundation with a matte finish, but it doesn't have the coverage that Bare Minerals has. If you are looking into buying it the kit is probably the best place to start as you get 2 colors and some brushes and I think a dvd that instructs you how to apply the makeup. I think it generally runs about $60. If you have very fair skin though you can't get the lightest color in a kit. The colors by themselves run $25 but they last a good 5 to 6 months, depending on how often you use it.

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    I was actually in the same boat as u! About a month ago I ordered Bare Minerals, & was worried that it wouldn't be as good as they say on tv. But it is really the best make-up I've ever tried! I have acne & some scarring & it covers up really good. The kit online that I think ur referring to, comes with the bisque, which is my favorite outta the whole kit & the mineral veil is great! Oh & in the kit, u will get 2 of the foundations.. they actually last quite awhile, if u don't use too much! Best of luck!

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    It might be hormones because you're still a teenager and skin usually changes. However, if you feel you need to switch back then go for it. Maybe you can try getting a sample of the chanel foundation and use it for a couple days to see the results. If it is the same stick with minerals or go back to chanel but make sure its oil free.

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    It's a good deal to start with the kit, as you get brushes and things you might not otherwise try. If you have a store in the UK like ULTA, they will do a demonstration for you on your skin, and suggest good colors. If you like it, and want more, you can buy the individual shades you like. My only problem with it is that it makes your dressing area/ bathroom counter messy, so I shake and swirl over a tissue for easy cleanup.

    I moisturize at night, and rinse my face before using in the morning. Because there is sunscreen in the foundation, that is enough for me.

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    I used to use it years ago, but it did get expensive. I switched to kms mineral essentials. I think it works just as well if not better, and I get so much more product for my money. How quickly you go through the jars really depends on how much coverage you want and how often you wear makeup. I usually by the large 30 gram jar. It lasts me nearly 3 months. KmS ships internationally too!

  • one foundation lasts a month....I like the bare minerals, but like the Mary Kay mineral foundation better and it's also cheaper. Check it out at

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    it's my favourite.

    i use it all the time. it makes my skin look healthy and flawless. it looks natural too.

    i think it would keep as long as most powder foundations do. make sure the make up brush you're using is clean, because if it's not, the dirt and oil from your face will go into your make up brush when you're dabbing the foundation on, and can cause it to go bad quicker.

    hope i helped (:

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    I use it and love it. My skin has never been more beautiful or healthier. It is so much fun to apply my makeup every morning, and it looks good all day long! It is definitely worth the try. I think you will love it just like I do!

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    i love it and it does exactly what is says it will do.

    i only wear makeup in the fall and winter months due to tanning

    i can sweat all day and still look the same

    love it love it

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    1 decade ago

    it's amazing!

    it's my favorite foundation.

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