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Your Alabama v/s Clemson predictions?

Give your view of this opening game. Here's mine>

Alabama 35 Clemson 21

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    I've got Alabama 30 Clemson 24, take it to the bank. I'm tired of hearing Clemson fans predicting that they will score 40+ points and it's going to be a blowout, that's not going to happen. They have a very talented offense, but they only averaged 21 points per game in '07 against ranked teams (33 pts/game all season) and that's only because they scored 70 on Central Mich. and compete in a conference that is down as of lately. Clemson is more talented and faster, but the coaching edge goes to Alabama. Alabama has nothing to lose and alot to gain. It's going to be a great game. Roll Tide!!

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    Clemson is ranked #9 in the rankings and Alabama #25 at a neutral site. Clemson is a 5 pt favorite over Alabama, I predict that Clemson will roll past the tide 28-20.

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    Roll Tide!

    Alabama 29 Clemson 14

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    SEC v.s. ACC, usually this would be a victory for the SEC but Clemson isnt about to let there already hyped up season be ruined by the Tides. Cullen Harper will have a big game and C.J. Spiller will be a monster on the ground. It wont be a blow out however with Clemson only winning this game by 7. Clemson Tigers 27- 20 over the Alabama Tides.

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    Alabama wins 28 to 10

  • Alabama 31, Clemson 17

    True, Alabama's not terrific this year, but Clemson is definitely the most overrated team in the top 25. Seriously, who did Bowden blow to get them ranked 9th preseason!?

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    being a clemson grad, ive personally grown tired of the lofty expectations of our football team, i think they will beat Alabama but only by a FG in the last seconds or on a 4th down stop , they will go to the acc championship game but get crushed by va tech like they have been the past 2 years. how everyone seems to think clemson can beat va tech this year still blows my mind, beamer still has awesome special teams and defense

    and if im wrong and they win the acc then ill be the happiest person only until they lose in the orange bowl

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    WIth the speed of both teams im thinking a shootout Clemson 42-Alabama 38? Alabama will be playing a lot young guys, compared to clemsons experinced guys, i just dont think Alabama will be very good this year in the stacked SEC

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    see Alabama vs FSU 2007..

    Bama will score a late TD (the only one for their day) to make it look good on paper but otherwise a dreadful showing by the tide except the FG Kicker.. and without Prince Hall they have no chance of even slowing Spiller down.. Clemson wins in a deceptively close scoring one sided affair

    Clemson 21 Alabama 16

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    No it's gonna be clemson 34 alabama 14 if clemson loses bowden should be fired.

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