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本人以往從事傳播媒介,奈何多間大機構相繼結業,發展空間有限。及後本人留意到XXXXXXX這一範疇,覺得前景不俗之餘,工作性質亦甚有意義。遂於零八年三月報讀XX大學的XXXXX(將於零八年十二月畢業),及後再報XXXXXXXX(己取得證書)。為增進自己對XXXXX的知識,本人加入了國際性的XXXX學會XXX,成為他們的Affiliate member。

對於XXXXXX一職,雖然本人稍欠經驗,但甚有信心可以勝任。倘若有機會加入 貴公司,相信很快可投入工作環境,學以致用,貢獻所長。


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  • 曉進
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    1 decade ago
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    Myself formerly was engaged in the vector, how many big organizations

    to graduate one after another, the development space is limited. And

    latter myself pay attention to XXXXXXX this category, thought prospect

    not vulgar -odd, the work nature also really has the significance.

    Then will read XX university to 08 years three monthly reports XXXXX

    (to graduate from 08 years in December), and latter will report again

    XXXXXXXX (oneself to obtain certificate). In order to promote oneself

    to XXXXX knowledge, myself have joined the international XXXX academic

    society XXX, becomes their Affiliate member.

    Regarding a XXXXXX duty, although myself slightly owe the experience,

    but really has the confidence to be allowed to be competent. If has

    the opportunity to join your firm, believed very quick may invest the

    working conditions, studies for the purpose of application,

    contributes manager.

    隨函 enclosed individual school record, requests earnestly in detail

    to consider myself application, and the arrangement interviews the

    date. Thanks.

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    公司性質: 營養及體重控制公司

    工作性質: 業務拓展及客戶網絡既建立

    工作時間: 兼職時間每週大約10小時/全職時間每週大約25-30小時

    月入薪金: 兼職3、4千/全職高於一萬元

    查詢電話: 6034 6112

    篩選網頁: (如不介意可留下聯絡資料,絕對保密,會有人聯絡您)


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