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Renee asked in 科學及數學生物學 · 1 decade ago



2)What organelle will be found in animal cell more than in other cells? Suggest a reason for your answer.

3i)Why does observation become clearer after adding a plano-convex glass?

3ii)Which part of the light microscope used today is similar to this glass?

4)How does the development of microscope contribute to the discovery of cells?

5)Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using stain?

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    1. Upside-down.

    2. Mitochondrion (plural: Mitochondria). It is because an animal needs more energy for movement than others, therefore their cells contains more mitochondria.

    3i. what experiment is this?

    3ii. what experiment is this?

    4. Microscopes enlarge the image to the power that human cannot see with bare eyes and hence lead to the discovery of cells.

    5. Forgot the answer.

    Source(s): Secondary three biology lesson
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