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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



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    A: Do you want try this? (你要試試看這個)

    B: What is that? (那是什麼)

    A: A moon cake. (月餅)

    B: Why call that moon cake? (為什麼要叫月餅)

    A: It is kind of celebration for mid autumn festival in Chinese.



    A: Have you any plan for mid autumn festival ? (中秋節你有要幹嘛嗎)

    B: Yes, I plan to have a BBQ with my friends.


    A: Oh! It's sounds great, May I join. (聽起來不錯,我可以參加嗎)

    B: Sure, why not and don't forget to bring some pommels to us.

    (可以啊! 有何不可, 別忘了要帶柚子來ㄡ !)

    A: No problem! (那有什麼問題)

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