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    Aung San Suu Kyi at the age of 2, the father encounters assassination, at that time he is will soon independent Burma in fact of premier.In 1960 it the female term halt the front of India ambassador and she is Burma receiving an education to teach.Leave for oxford university to attend after continuing in India studies, know her future husband over there.Raise 2 sons, before 1988 return to Burma look after the mother whom it is critically ill, live a rather quiet life.At the Burma, because military strong person, Wu2 Ni2 Wen,'s protester in resisting its cruel and apathetic governance carries on large-scale massacre and make she the brave station come out to indicate the disaffection to him, and start a nonviolence aggro that fights for democracy and human rights.July, 1989 encounters to lately change name to Burma the military government of the federal since Aung San Suu Kyi house arrest, forbid with the external world get in touch with.The military government suggests as long as she leaves Burma to namely release her, but national government of the instauration civilian post and political prisoner here before releasing, she the brush-off does like this.In election in the congress in 1990, what she belong to lately establishes the seat that the group national democracy alliance wins above 80%, but the election result is vetoed by the military government.

    The military government relieves house arrest to Aung San Suu Kyi in July, 1995.Next year she participates in a national general assembly of the democracy alliance, but she is continuously harassed by military government with her political party.In 1998, she declares to establish the committee of a representative as Burma of the legality rule congress.Aung San Suu Kyi is once more kept under house arrest by military authority(2000.92002.5).After national democracy alliance and the demonstrator of the close government conflicts in 2003, Aung San Suu Kyi again is kept under house arrest by the government.

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    翁山蘇姬 at the age of 2, father is assassinated, he was the independent Burma the premier in fact soon at that time.

    His mother took the post as Ambassador to India in 1960, she received an education in Burma.

    After India continues the study, attend Oxford University to study in, where to know her future husband.

    Educate 2 sons, before going back to Burma to attend to its critically ill mother in 1988, live a quite calm life.

    In Burma, because military strong man Buddhist nun Wu warm to resist their cruel and ferocious, cold and detached protestor that rule go on on a large scale massacring, it expresses the discontent to him to make her brave and stand out, initiate once and strive for democracy and resist nonviolence of human rights.

    翁山蘇姬new named Union of Myanmar military government put under house arrest from the will it be July 1989, forbid keeping in touch with the external world.

    The military government suggests only she leaves Burma and releases her promptly, but before resuming civilian post government and political offender in this country and is released, she refuses to do it in this way.

    In the Congress general election of 1990, the national democratic alliance of her affiliated new establishment group gains more than 80% of the seats, but the election results are rejected by the military government.

    Military government remove and was put to翁山蘇姬under house arrest will it be July 1995.

    In 1998, she claimed to establish one to be regarded as the legal governance Congress of Burma on behalf of the committee.

    翁山蘇姬put under house arrest by the military once again(2000.9 ~ 2002.5).

    National democratic alliance take over the veins of government upon coming of age after demonstrator of office conflict 2003, 翁山蘇姬put under house arrest by the government.


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