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1. 有任何污損的紙鈔,例如,墨點,缺角


1999年 aa序號開頭的百元美鈔




please take your passport with you when you need currency exchange, and there will be only one day, one time, for each person to exchange the same value by 500 U.S currency to NT dollars.

Thank you for your cooperation

Update 2:

Due to the flood of counterfeit money, we don't accept the currency exchage as follow:

1. Damaged or multilated notes, etc..signuture on notes, ink spot, chip

2. the specific amount notes publiced in these years

1999 , number AA , 100amount U.S notes

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    Because of the deluge of fake bill, we don't accept the currency of following condition to exchange:

    1. There is any folding money of contamination, for example, the Mo orders and lack corn

    2.At the particular face value folding money published by following age:

    In 1999 the hundred dollar greenback of aa ordinal number beginning

    While changing to remit please take your passport, and one person is only everyday ability the quota exchange the NT$ of equivalent below USD 500 once

    Thanks to your cooperation



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    Because the overflowing of forged money, we do not accept the currency conversion of the following situations:

    1. There is any bill defiled, for example, a bit more black, lack the angle

    2.Particular denomination bills published in following year:

    U.S. dollar of one hundred yuan of beginning of aa serial number in 1999

    Please carry passport of you exchange currency, and one people can limit exchange equivalence 500 under Taiwan dollar once only every day

    Thank you for your cooperation

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