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請幫我一下 20點奉上了!!




這天一早,全家人開車向著南台灣出發 ; 中午,我們抵達終點—墾丁。






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    The trip of Kenting

    I remember the sandy beach, sunlight, sea water of Kenting, the recollection of this sunlight sort lets everybody difficult forget.

    Early in the morning this day, the whole family drives to wear southern Taiwan to set out; At noon, we arrive terminal point-Kenting.

    Immediately after, after the hotel unload baggage go to the building of the national marine life.

    The living creature of inside, make person surprised very much gorgeous, the most well-known BE, from Russia come of small Beluga, they that shape that is lovely, let many people like very much.

    On the second day, go to the creek of Kenting, see many people on the mountain stand is beating a beach volleyball, on the sea surface, many persons who come from the afar are playing, in the sky that gorgeous sun, shine in glory the sandy beaches of Kenting.

    In the evening, arrive at noisy Kenting avenue, all the way ascend of eat, drink, play don't need to worry, complete with everything!!

    Leave Kenting of that day of, have a little don't give up, the ocean of deep blue, the sand stand of thin white, really make person difficult to forget.

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    Tour of Kun Ding

    I remember the sandy beach , sunshine , sea water of Kun Ding, the remembrance like this sunshine is very unforgettable.

    It is early , the whole family drive and set out towards south Taiwan; At noon, we reach terminal point Kun Ding.

    Then, after the hotel lifts the luggage off , go to the state-run halls of marine organisms.

    Living beings inside, very stiking, name the most is, the little beluga that came from Russia, that lovely look of theirs, let a lot of people like very much.

    The next day, the small gulf going Kun Ding, saw that there are a lot of people that were playing beach volleyball on stand on the mountain, on the sea surface, a lot of persons that come from the distant place are playing, that gorgeous sun in the sky, shine the sandy beaches of Kun Ding.

    In the evening, come to lively Kun Ding street, eating , drinking , playing and needn't worry on the way , fill with everything! !

    That day to leave Kun Ding, did not give up a bit, the bright blue ocean , the thin and white sand stand is really unforgettable.

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