Anyone currently in the Army Reserve?

Why did you chose to join the Army Reserve?

Pros & Cons of Army Reserve?

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    I am a recruiter for the army reserve. To answer to your question: I joined as Active to get money for college. After my term, I used the college money to get my associate. Then I realized that Army life is what I like. I like the experiences, the people, the adventure and the gratification that came with being in the army...then I decided to go back in as a reserve...which gave me an opportunity to come in as a recruiter... again all this things happened through time but the adventure to get there were great. The pros and cons... Lets start with Pros: the sign on bonus up to 20K, part time commitment of 1 weekend a month two weeks in a year meaning I kept my job and drill as need only and plus it's a great source of income , stayed in my hometown, went to school utilizing the military tuition assistance program, plus you have access to military benefits like insurance, we offer guaranteed training meaning we are going to put you to school and actually train with our state of the art training facility through out the US. Too many to list but I'll be happy to discuss it with you - just call me or email me. The Cons: Possibility of activation to active duty... that happened to me as well but it turned out to be a great learning and growing experience on my end. I dont really have much to list as Cons but I know others will have. Again, I can discuss this with you further, please feel free to email me at or call me at 877-235-7171.

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    Hey friend, first of all, congratulations on your interest in the Army Reserve! I chose the reserve because I am a college student and want to continue that! The training is amazing and you get the hands on experience that employers want. I found out, unfortunately that a college degree was not enough to be in a good job position, so i figured that the army reserve would set me aside form the rest.


    Money for College

    Money for Anything Else

    Great incentives

    Competitive Pay

    Only 2 Days a Month 2 weeks out of the year.

    The Hands on Training You Need

    Meet Some of The Best People You Will Ever Meet

    Plenty of Job Opportunities I believe around 120 of them.


    On Base Benefits

    And It Will Strengthen Your Character


    Probably just being away from home for training and/or deployments

    My advice, Pick the Army reserves. Great Opportunities and also if your state has a budge cut, you will not be affected, unlike the NG

    Source(s): US Army Reserve Enlisted PSYOPS
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    I agree with the answer above, however, I recommend the National Guard. It has the same if not more perks than the Reserve BUT in the National Guard you're owned by your state. Army Reserve are owned by federal. If you're working directly under the federal chart, chances are you will get deployed quicker. As a National Guardsman, you get called up by state rotations. Just weigh other options, ask more questions, and make sure if this is what you really wanna do. You don't wanna wake up day saying you made a "mistake" AFTER you rose your right hand. Understand? :) Good Luck and thank you for your "future" service.

    Source(s): Experience-Ohio Army National Guard
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    You get paid for a weekend job so you can have another full time job.

    You get benefits from joining.

    Respect to be a US Soldier, even though respect for the people who fight for your country is dying.

    You receive the discipline, honor, and the opportunity to serve your country but still have a job.

    There is only one con in my eyes.

    That is deployment and seperation of family that is possible

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