Jimmy Carter's left eye - anyone know whats wrong?

Looks scary.

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    i love that this question is in the religion category.

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    I imagine he had a bloodshot eye. Old age and cataracts may be the cause. Or he may have had it poked. What is so bizarre is it was not addressed by anyone on the panel or the interviewer. It was all I could think of the whole time. He looked like a zyborg or robot , part terminator. Please someone on saturday night live , do a sketch about the eye.

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    Looks like a sub-conjunctival hemmorrhage likely caused by blood thinners he is taking to prevent heart attack, commonly prescribed for someone of his age. While painless, it is extremely annoying to try to view through what amounts to a red gauzy "cloud." It is a testament to President Carter's character that he appeared not only completely unaffected by it but also completely unself-conscious.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He looks like an aged Terminator. "My name is Jimmy Carter...and I'll be back!"

  • 1 decade ago

    No help at all folks. Why not answer the real question and save the snappy quips for another forum? If you're really, really, bored, watch the Democratic Convention.

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    I'm sorry i cannot answer this question. I am watching him (Jimmy) speak right now @ the DC & it is freakin' me out. Possibly as said, burst blood vessel? But looks metallic-y too. Hmm. I saw another site to check out. good luck!! (he still sounds good 'tho')jpw

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    there is a video on you tube about the "left eye" conspiracy...pictures of famous poeple purposely covering their left eye in print and public...maybe his dealings with subsidies is catching up to him from way back

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    Too many peanut hulls flying around.

    One caught him in the eye. Maybe!

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe he sucked down a few Billy Beers?!!?

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