should i uninstall spybot search and destroy?

i dont even use it that much, i just scan my computer with mcafee virusscanner

it says do you really want to uninstall it, spybot has made backups for anything you want to undo or something like that

and im pretty sceptical about using spybot search and destroy because ive heard that its not really what it says it is

should i uninstill it?


how do i know my version of spybot s&d is legit?

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    No, an anti-spyware like Spybot scans for different things to an anti-virus like McAfee and you really need both. Spybot is considered by many to be one of the best anti-spywares there is and it is entirely free. If you do a scan with it now, you'll see that it finds many files which potentially could harm your computer or at least, slow it down. In fact, it is recommended that you have more than one anti-spyware as they often have different databases and use different methods of detection. Another one which is considered to be very effective is Super Antispyware which can be downloaded free at

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    I'm not sure how you tell if it's legit or not. What makes you think it isn't? If you have any doubts, you should uninstall it and get another copy. Try one of these,22262-pa...

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    I use it and wouldn't get rid of it. I've had more problems using McAfee alone and got rid of it instead and moved to more reliable and updated software. McAfee has missed a ton of problems where SpyBot picked it up. It blocks possible attacks and if you read what it catches you'd be amazed at what it does. It does keep track of the Uninstall info, but so do most Anti-virus and Anti-spyware programs. You'll notice what the others miss and the damage caused when you removed SpyBot.

    Agree with the comment about CCleaner, the only thing is it is only a cleaning program. When you use it for all it's worth it removes all traces of dead links, clusters of semi-deleted programs and files. Definitely another program worth having.

  • just uninstall ~like many other programs ~easy to install but will not go.

    a tip though ~go off line to uninstall it stops the program "talking" to it's web site.

    one worth installing though is "ccleaner".

    it helps keep your PC's speed up by removing temp files and cookies left by web also gives you some memory back.

    hope this helps.

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