Cadillac STS OR DTS?

im looking on buying a cadillac again in the not too distant future (6 maybe 8 months from now) .... i had a 1999 Deville a few years ago and i miss it.... ALOT... im not sure but i think the DTS model is the newer Deville type model.... but i also like the longer front end of the STS....i know out of the 2 the DTS looks more like a Deville... but i want the more "luxurious" one... i think they both have V6 models too which is a plus.... which one would you get... the DTS or STS... and WHY????? thanks in advance...(im looking at '05 or higher)...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you had a 99 Deville the 05 Deville 06+DTS would be most like the one you had- meaning northstar power and front wheel drive. The 05+ STS is a rear drive car that comes with 3.6VVT V6 or Northstar. Both are nice cars- they each have their own handling characteristics- DTS being smooth while STS handles a bit better. If you're looking for mileage the Northstar gets better mileage in the STS than the V6 version does. The motor doesn't have to work as hard to propel the nearly 2 ton car- the V6 has to push harder and burn more gas. EPA rating on the window sticker was 24mpg on V6 and 26mph on N* on highway. Both are great cars and I have some of each avaialble whenever you're ready!

    Source(s): I own Been working with Cadillacs all my life- GM trained and certified.
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