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what were some concerns about the u.s. constitution?

what were some of the major concerns generated by the writing and ratification of the united states constitution in the time period 1786-1792.

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    The Constitution's purpose was to establish a strong central govt. The system of having a weak central govt who could do almost nothing was not working out, so representatives of 12 colonies (all except Rhode Island) met at in Philly at the Constitutional Convention. One of the major concerns was that the new federal government would take advantage of the power, and be no different than the king that the colonists had just fought against. Another concern related to this problem was to protect the people's rights - in case the govt did take all the power, the people wanted a certain number of rights to ensure equality and justice. These 2 concerns led to checks and balances within the 3 branches of govt & the creation of the Bill of Rights. Hope that helps! [ps - you might also want to look up the Federalists & Anti-Federalists as well as the Federalist Papers. Good luck!]

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