and marijuana is still illegal.... why wont congress do something when health care issues are so important right now.... asthma is a hassle and those inhalers can be expensive.... marijuana smoke can open those inflamed passageways.... cancer kills millions of americans and chemo can kill thousands too do to low immune system... thc has been proven in tests in germany and england to stop carcinogens in white blood cells but yet the f.d.a does not recognize marijuana as medically correct.... THIS YEAR IS IMPORTANT TO VOTE.... McCain doesn't acknowledge marijuana as a "ISSUE" to be concerned about.... OBAMA wants to further test in marijuana to see exactly what it can diseases it can fight. so

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    I will give you the short version of the answer.

    BIG PHARM cannot patent a natural plant, thus BIG PHARM has to find a way to attack the situation in another direction, by trying to get a patent on certain tinctures made from cannabis, thus alowing them to patent, that particular tincture. Now when BIG PHARM is all ready to release it's wonderful cannabis derived tinctures medical marijuana will be legalized.

    It's all about politics and big money kid.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hash is hash.. marijuana is marijuana ... there is THC in both.

    Check out the ...History of the prohibition of marijuana.

    You will find that in the days of J. Edgar Hoover and his

    nephew Harry Aslinger and W. R. Hearst (paper products) and Dupont, (plastics) and company, the american people were convinced that marijuana and hemp were the same thing and they used various methods to convince them that they were dangerous.

    I remember the ads on TV telling us that all you had to do was

    use a small amount and you would become hopelessly addicted

    and that you would probably jump out of a window in a screaming

    fit. These were at the same time as the ads saying that tobacco was

    not addictive and was harmless. They said that smoking would

    prevent disease of the lungs.

    There have been many studies done that prove the medicinal qualities of THC. I know of three people right now that are 100 percent disabled that have a prescription and do not use any other medicine except nutrition and they are doing just fine. I don't mean that they are cured... I mean that they have a good quality of life without manmade drugs.

    Many reputable institutions have given the green light to the medical

    use of marijuana.

    There has never been a death from overdose of THC. It makes

    you hungry or sleepy or gives you energy etc. depending on the


    You can not patent something that is natural, no prescriptions, no profit, NO Dice. The same thing is now being done to Vitamins. You are not allowed to grow the natural hemp plant either that used to be used to make all kinds of things like rope, clothes etc. etc..

    These things are made out of man made things now, that go in the landfill.

    If we don't wake up soon we won't even be allowed to grow our

    own parsley. It does settle your stomach sometimes.

    Also check out cancer research and Vitamin B17.... and LEAP.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Look man, it is BLATANTLY obvious that the various scientific communities charged with researching marijuana don't agree with current regulations. It is completely obvious to anyone who has read the scientific journals and reports on marijuana (like myself) that what "the government" tells you is nothing short of lies. Exaggerated claims is another way of saying "tall tale" or "bullshiesse".

    It is our right to choose whether or not we smoke, and those who choose to do it should be GUARANTEED the right to possess marijuana and are always able to privately use it. Public use is a local issue, and driving impaired is ALREADY illegal. Marijuana prohibition is senseless and not working. 700k people (give or take 1k depending on year) every year are arrested for cannibis violations, and 89% are charged with just possession. It is clear we still use marijuana, the opinions of those who voiced themselves speak strongly against prohibition, the scientists who study the drug show that it is very safe, and yet the opinion of the DEA seems to keep it illegal.

    McCain and Obama won't be able to change anything, as our legislative process is flawed and heavily hindered on many levels.

    But by all means, vote for obama! vote for change! Even though every american who loves him has absolutely no idea what bills he is proposing or exactly what change he is goign to bring around,but whatever.

    McCain seems like he's yet another stereotypical president that will probably increase the penalties for drug crimes (as if they weren't harsh enough already ).

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  • 4 years ago

    Any psychoactive drug can induce a seizure if there is a predisposition in the brain toward that event. Pure unadulterated home grown marijuana would be one of the least likely to trigger this occurence but street drugs, including marijuana and especially hashish are compromised with so many additives by the scumbags who sell them that anything can happen. Recent analysis of street hashish in Ireland and the UK has revealed additives including industrial oil and dog excrement. So, bong at your risk rebellious teens, you are sucking the vibrations of crime and pollution into your innocent lungs, to say nothing of the Karmic vibrations of the criminals who wholesale and who are also involved in gun running, prostitution and human smuggling. The days of Woodstock are long gone, the dreams that were once wrapped up in the Marijuana culture are now nightmares sold by mother f****rs to unsuspecting teenagers. If you want to get really high, take up yoga, learn meditation and tune into the energies of this precious life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    plants are not illegal, people make them illegal, with that said any thing derived from the plant unaltered is also not naturally illegal.they call it illegal because big oil would be out of business as well as man made fabrics, they know it cures; but then you run the risk of pharmaceutical companies harassing you

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