How can I be an effective CTT teacher with regards to behavior issues?

I am a collaborative team teacher who works with other teachers in a middle school. Last year the general education teachers took command of the class with their own disciplinary systems. All of the teachers had different systems, and there was no consistency between the classes. Thus I had to adjust myself to their differences and it was difficult to develop my own coherent plan. How do I make this year different?? Please I would appreciate help from those who have successfully worked in such 'inclusion' classrooms!

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    Hi, I was a CTT in NYC for a couple of years. While I am a big fan of teamwork and smaller student to teacher ratios, the dynamic of the classroom can make or break the teaching experience for both you and the students.

    I believe that you need to treat this relationship like a business would manage work teams. Meaning, you need to set expectations for the working relationship and then manage those expectations against plan. While it is good to make accommodations for others, you need to make it clear that you are the expert in certain fields. As such, your professional opinion must be respected.

    In fact, I was just a test user for a new site called APPLEBATCH at where teachers like us can come together to discuss issues and get help. I think they are launching in September so you may want to check it out and join to grow a network of peer support.

    Best of luck!

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    Communication with the other teachers is very important. Perhaps you could arrange for a team meeting to discuss classroom management and develop a cohesive plan. I am not sure what your relationship is to the gen. ed. teachers. I am thinking that you are the special ed teacher who moves from class to class in an inclusive setting? That can be such a difficult position!

    Here is a link with some general classroom management suggestions that you might want to share with the other teachers: . The article targets elementary school teachers, but all of the tips are applicable to middle school students too.

    If you come to the meeting with a positive attitude, a few good ideas, and a willingness to listen to others ideas, you should all be able to agree on a plan. An consistent plan is better than everyone doing something different. It will be easier on the kids and the teachers!

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    It is difficult to work with another person. Try to have a meaningful conversation with them and express your feelings. If it's an older teacher they can be difficult(know it alls). Just go with it and use it as a learning experience periodically interject with suggestion's. See what happens.

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