windows blue screen help!?

When i start windows after the screen where you can press f8 for options window my screen goes blue with no ERROR or anything

Thangs i did befor this happened-- I installed some monitor drivers for

an old HP monitor and when i rebooted this pappened pleazzzz HELP me!!!


ok when i start up my computer after the screen where you can go into safe mode and all that the monitor goes blue no ERROR or anythang just blur i can hear my computer still working but the screen still stays blue yes i have tryed safe mode still blue...HEELP!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is a point just before the login prompt shows that the screen goes blue.

    But you need to provide more info. After the screen goes blue, what happenes? Does it reboot. Does it just stay there?

    Easiest thing to do is go into safe mode by hitting F-8 then selecting safe mode. Log in, then go to system restore located in Start\all programs\Accessories\System Tools

    Find a restore point that is before you installeda the driver.

    By the way, monitors don't need drivers.

  • 1 decade ago

    maybe that caused it... that blue screen comes up when you install and application and those support it or something or maybe adding new ram or what soever...

    i suggest you bring that to a computer shop... or you just reboot it your self..

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