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Best way to use steam rooms?

At my gym there is a steam room. What is the best/safest way to use it for best results ? What do steam rooms even do ?

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    Steam rooms make you sweat and you can become dehydrated by using them. But they can also help sweat out the toxins in your system.

    Drink lots of water before using the steam room and then weigh your self and make a note of the weight. Sit in the steam room and sweat. Monitor yourself and if you feel faint, get out. Otherwise get out of the steam room about every 20 minutes. Go weigh yourself and drink enough water to get back up to the previously noted original weight. Jump in the shower and scrub your skin down using warm water and soap, then reduce the water temperature and cool off for a bit, and then return to the steam room and repeat the process.

    Taking niacin before using the steam room can help flush the toxins out. Though, if you are not used to it the toxins will cause your skin to turn red and itchy. This will pass in time, so don't get too concerned about it.

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