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What's the best place to buy a brand-new PSP?

I've searched in stores and the price is $170. Online I found that it is still $170, but now you need to pay shipping and handling. So what I wanna know is, what's the best place to buy a brand-new, sealed PSP?

Online or in-store answers are fine, but what I'm looking for is the cheapest overall (meaning with S&H if necessary).

I'm also interested in basically any bundles that DO NOT include game or movie UMDs, if any.

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    The psp 3001 is coming out before this Christmas, just wait until then. Then just get it from a store. That way you can use the would be shipping money on an extended warranty. It is very useful, I took advantage of mine. Otherwise it does have a standard one year warranty. But the new one has a built in microphone, and an enhanced screen, whoooooo! Spoooookey!!!!!! The Entertainment Packs with the updated PSP-3000 will be retailed for the same standard price of US$ 199.99. And before christmas, Sony will be releasing the PSP-3000 Core Pack, which will also keep its regular price of US$ 169.99.

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    finaly someone smart has answered a question.... I worship you Crasstopher Columbus

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