im 13 years old and on the lemon diet?

so far its been my second day and im hoping do go for at least 8-14 days im vary disiplined,commited,and inspried, my only concern is that im a kid and during the teenage years my body is growing and requires many nutrients,vitamins and minerals just for it to grow.and kids burn twice as much calories as adults so restircing myself from calories might be a bad idea but the reason im doing this is because ever since i was a little kid i have had constipation and only had a bowel movment once a week and i once had to go to the hospital due to not pooping in 1 month i still have the problem except now i go usually every other day.i the lemondade diet will clase your body and afterwards it will make you have more energy,brightness,and feel healthier,im also willing to shed a few pounds because i have a little bit of fat covering my six pack and i want it to show more,any advice or if it is ok for me to continue the diet? i feel healthy,the only thing is i havent had as many adrenaline rushes,i feel lazy at time and unmotivated but when i listen to trance or techno i have rushes energy rushes

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    There is no way you have a 6 pack. I have a solid 6 pack but it take hard training and alot of muscle Building. You need muscle to have a six pack something you must have nothingof as you obviously have no idea on how to have a care for your body. That little bit of 'fat' over you ribs is probley how you still manage to walk straight.

    If you are worried about fat, you eat less food with saturated fat, you still need at least 1500 calories!

    You will be on a worst diet than a starving child in africa. You might aswell ask them for tips on how they got their figure.

    'Lemonade diet' is pure bullshit. This does nothing good for you.

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    What the hell is a lemon diet?

    Hey you want some good trance to get pumped up to, listen to these:

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    Please do not use the lemon detox diet. You are only 13 yrs old, your body is still growing. If you want to lose weight, incorporate more exercise into your diet and make healthier food choices. Detoxing only cleanses, it should not be used to lose weight, because you'll end up gaining it back as soon as you stop the regimen. Just don't do it.

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    If you're concerned about getting the nutrients you need... there's another type of cleanse called ISAGENIX. It doesn't just cleanse your body, it also gives your body everything it needs to function properly. It's all natural -- there are no chemicals.

    The program can be used by kids your age, but it will have to be ordered by your parents. They also have programs for kids not just adults. It might be something you look into.

    Watch the video if you're interested and get back to me:

    My life has changed completely around due to this product and I'm completely in love with it. At least watch the video with your parents.

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    What on earth drove you to this unnatural and unhealthy measure? Eat more fiber or even apples to increase your bowel movements. Apple juice may work as well. Running will just as easily help you to shed a few lbs.

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    That's extremely unhealthy. You should consult a doctor about any of the problems you may have and he'll give you a healthy way of dealing with them.

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