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Is it ever O.K. to have med. lab results disclosed over the phone?

I'm aware that doctors are the only ones who can disclose test results with patients who had POSITIVE results and need follow up care, however, if everything is fine (NEGATIVE) can they just tell you that over the phone so you don't waste time and money going to see the doctor, or does HIPPA LAW mandate that you go see the doctor regardless of the results?

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    I'm surprised the other nurse said it was illegal to give results over the phone - I know my doctors always tell me my lab results over the phone when I am a patient, including bad news. I don't know if they are breaking the rules for me since I am an RN, but I seriously doubt it. I can think of several times off the top of my head when the doctor called me to at home to tell me that my platelet count dropped, or that my anticardiolipin antibodies were high, or that I wasn't pregnant. All bad news, but not worthy of a trip to the doctor. Just last week the doctor called to tell me I'm hypothyroid and to make an appointment with an endocrinologist!

    HIPAA rules are always sorta broken and sorta followed - like whenever you sign in at the doctor's office that's breaking privacy b/c you can see all the other patients names before you!

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    I gave permission for over the phone before, 20 years ago or so.

    You need to realize cell phones, even those walk around phones privacy is not there!

    Someone can listen in on your phone call. In the wrong hands the information might be damaging, and you may even want to sue the doctor over this information getting out.

    Everyone is so sue happy these days the doctors have to be careful!

    Talk to your doctor and see if he/she will give you the info without going in?

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    if values are all normal, they can mail you a copy of the results... however, no, it is NEVER ok to give results over the phone, no matter what they are, it is in fact illegal to do so.

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