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I feel like being on a college sports team is preventing me from making new friends..what to do?

Im a college freshman. Ive been at school for a little over 2 weeks because of preseason. All the other freshman moved in on saturday. I really want to make new friends with them, but im really shy and quiet. i thought being on a varsity sport would help me make friends but i feel like its actually preventing me. We have practice so i cant hang out and then im always tired during the day. The whole team hangs out a lot too, so i feel like i cant go out and make new friends. I also feel weird just walking into other dorm rooms to make friends. I just feel like i wont have any good friends. I like the girls on the team they are nice but i just dont feel like i connect with them that much. I just hate the feeling that i wont have any real close friends to talk to or anything. My roommate is on the same team as i am, shes nice but im not crazy about her personality and she is becoming friends with other girls on the team and i am just sorta there and quiet and stuff. I just dont know what to do..any suggestions?


also the school only has about 3500 kids, so i feel like it might be just like high school again. And i had a bunch of friends in high school, but it was just because i had known them all my life.

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    1 decade ago
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    It's tricky. Often you find in these situations, especially as you are in an awkward position when it comes to making friends, is just having confidence. Hang out in places in your free time. Or talk to people in classes. You can wander around and say hi to people. Don't be shy, there's nothing to lose. Also try and work on your relationships with the people in your team. I know you aren't crazy about them, but making friends (however much you don't like) will build your confidence and you wont mind so much if you don't make more outside your time. You will then be more relaxed and as a result people will be more likely to want to be friends with you. Good luck.

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