Jews - what's the significance of an $18 donation?

I do some volunteer fundraising, and I've found that many Jewish people want to give $18. Can you tell me what the significance is?

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    18 in Hebrew is a number that is called "Chai". Chai is life... but in this instance it is considered Luck.

    So typically when Jews give gifts of $, they will give you $ x Chai.

    So 1 x Chai would be $18.

    ....2 x chai is $36.... 2 times the Luck.

    ....3 x chai is $54.....3 time the Luck...

    We do this for Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah's especially.

    Sometimes people will write out 10 x Chai for $180.

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    The word for "life" in Hebrew is "chai." The two Hebrew letters that make up the word "chai" are chet and yud. In Gematria (the numerical value of Hebrew letters), chai is equivalent to 8 and yud is equivalent to 10. So "chai", chet and yud together, equals 18. Giving money in multiples of $18 is symbolic of giving "chai" or life. Many people give money in mulitiples of $18 as presents to someone celebrating a birth, a bar or bat mitzvah or a wedding.

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    Multiples Of 18 Jewish

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    As noted by Mike C, it has to do with the numerical values of the letters "chet" and "yud" which make up the word "life" in Hebrew. There's nothing "magical" about this number per se, although its factors are rather interesting. But gematria came long after the word itself.

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    Since 18 is 3 x 6, and 2 x 9, and therefore is also 2 x 3 x 3, it is a magic number. Whn you consider that 18 is a combination of the two number 1 and 8, and 1 + 8 = 9, or 3 x 3 x 3, then you can see its obvious magicallness.

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