Can a cockatiel and parakeet live together?

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My 3 year old cockatiel seems pretty lonely as of late, and i was wondering if anyone else has housed a budgie and a tiel together?

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  • . answered 6 years ago
It is not recommended. Budiges are quite aggressive for a small bird and often injure the much more peaceful tiels by pecking at their feet. If your tiel is bonded to you and is lonely then chances are you aren't spending enough time with it. You basically have 1 of 2 options, spend more time with your tiel or get a second tiel and introduce them to each other slowly. Sometimes birds that are bonded to humans have no interest in another bird and may even be aggressive toward it.
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  • Jenna answered 5 months ago
    In my personal experience they can. I have 3 cockatiels and 1 parakeet/budgie. My one cockatiel and parakeet share large flight cage. Just make sure of a couple of things.
    A. The cage must be big enough with a lot of space so they can have their own space.
    B. Both birds should be tame and docile.
    C.A slow introduction between the two before housing them together. See how they get along. Monitor them.
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  • Tena G answered 6 years ago
    I have housed them together.

    Has your cockatiel been with other birds? I would first ask yourself two questions before you decide to add another bird.

    Do you want your bird to bond to you? Are you willing to give up a tame bird for one that will interact with the other bird more then you?

    Many birds once they have a "friend" don't want to interact with the human like they did before they were introduced to another bird. If you don't handle the bird then it isn't an issue. You might try a mirror first and see how it reacts to its own image. That alone might be enough to keep him occupied.

    Good luck!
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  • reasonable-sale-lots answered 6 years ago
    Yes all of my cockatiels and parakeets live together all the time and it is fun watching how they bond and play together.


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  • daisyfacelol answered 6 years ago
    They can do depending if they get on well or not.
    Your cockatiel has probably bonded with you by now so may find it hard to get on with another bird.
    My cockatiel doesnt even know he's a bird haha.
    I advise you to get two cages and let them get to know eachother slowly.


    my bird and some budgies he doesnt get on with.
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