Man in the Iron Mask historical accuracy? Please help!?

I have to write a 1 or 2 page paper on the historical accuracy/inaccuracy of the Hollywood 1998 version of "Man in the Iron Mask" with Leonardo Dicaprio and was wondering if anyone had some links listing such information. I already know about wikipedia, and theres only about 1 or 2 items of useful information there...please help!

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    Try this link. It might give you the info that you are looking for

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    "The Man in the Iron Mask" by Roger MacDonald sifts through the few facts and numerous legends surrounding this figure. MacDonald tends to accept that D'Artagnan may have been the Man, but we really don't know for certain. What is certain is that Louis XIV was perfectly capable of punishing someone in such a matter. There's no evidence whatsoever in the extant documents that Anne and Louis XIII had twins.

    Edit: I should add that legends of a king's "forsaken twin" constitute an archetype extremely common in European royalty. The people have often been fond of imagining an abandoned royal brother who should rightfully possess the throne, especially when the current monarch is viewed as a tyrant.There have certainly been numerous would-be pretenders throughout history.

    Source(s): Roger MacDonald--The Man in the Iron Mask J.B. Wolf--Louis XIV
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