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MSN Help (File Transfer)!!!!!??????

When someone sends me a file (E.g. A Picture) it will say i received it, so when i click 'Open now' Or the link to my received files, nothing comes up. So i go to my received files and its not there :S

I dont know why, it used to be okay.

Helppppp me fix this pleaseeeee. :)

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    To check if your file is getting saved where you think it is (it may not be under your received files):

    Go to Tools > Options > File Transfer:

    Under "Save received files in this folder": there is a link to your computer hard drive location where it will save to. Copy that.

    (Not in Msn):

    Open your "My Documents" folder or "My Computer", and paste that link on the address bar.

    All your sent files should be there.

    Hope that helped.

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