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Why do I have spiders in my home?

We have sprayed Home Defense (especially for spiders and ants) all around the inside floors windows and walls and closets and all around the outside. We have put up weather stripping all along the doors and made sure there are no holes in our window screens. But for some reason we still have copious amounts of spiders, in our living room, in our bedroom, a few have even been found in our bed. I am terribly afraid of spiders because you never know where they are and they can make you really sick if one bites you....Why am I getting them and how do I stop it?!

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  • peanut
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    I would call an exterminator, I would also freak out too if it were me, good luck to you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    we have the same problem at our house! our house is brand new and we have bad spiders and i heard that the reason new houses have more spiders/insects is because when they were building new houses the spiders make homes while its being built and it takes a while to finally get rid of them. older houses usally dont have insects so bad. i would suggest an exterimator or do research on it. good luck though and yeah those spiders are very dangerous!

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