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After China, shouldn't India also be given the Summer Olympics in the near future? ?

Just like China, India is also a fast emerging economy. And just like China, India also has a very huge population base to select its athletes from let alone numerous big cities to become venues for the various Olympic events. Hence, shouldn't India also bid to host the Olympics in the very near future?

Some people may say India doesn't have the facilities nor financial capabilities yet. But the way their economy is going up, they'll be capable [like China] in the very near future. Hosting the Olympics then would not only be a "coming-out party" for them (like Beijing '08 was for China) but also, it may very well increase their gold medal winnings just like China. In turn, this will bolster national pride like never before sort of "yes we can" just like the Chinese. It then will show the world that India has arrived.

In turn, this may inspire other big, non-western countries like Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia (& etc.) to also bid sort of like - "if the Chinese & Indians can, so can we!" This will then make the Olympics truly global just as to how Jacques Rogge originally hoped for during his tenure as IOC president.

Heck, even small but economic powerhouse countries such as Singapore, U.A.E.(Dubai), Taiwan, Switzerland, Brunei, Kuwait should bid. Or even semi-economic powerhouse countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, & etc. should be considered.

Bottom line: give other countries a chance to host to make the Olympics truly global. Those who already hosted more than once ought to give the others a chance especially those who hasn't hosted yet but are bidding.

Overall, all of the aforementioned countries (& others I failed to mention) should bid as the Olympics not only brings glory to a country but also, financial rewards if done properly.

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    Some of what you've brought up has merit, but overall I'd say it's not as simple as the Summer Olympics being "given" to them. You've got to bribe the IOC officials in just the right way. Plus have all the rest of the things necessary to host the Games. The venues are chief among them, then there's the athlete's village, the media quarters, the provision of massive security, printing the tickets, etc. I could go on and on.

    Realistically the idea of the climate in India as has been mentioned, would be prohibitive to outdoor events being contested at top flight athletic levels. There's the matter of the overall Indian economy too. Visitors might not feel totally welcome in the cities of Jodhpur, New Delhi, Jharkhand and the rest. Being repeatedly approached for handouts isn't most people's idea of a good time.

    I'm in total agreement with you though in that the Olympics should be more and more global in terms of the countries that get to host them. I'm not sure that India is ready yet.

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    Good news to you, looks like it could happen. India is making a strong bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Game.

    It would be awesome to see India host the Olympic game. But like others have mentioned, India is not big on the Olympic. Their most successful event in Olympic history is Field Hockey.

    If they do win the 2020 bid, I am afraid they might not have enough time and resources to showcase it the way they want. Then again, I could be wrong.

    In my opinion, the only other country that can match or surpass the Beijing Olympic is, India. They have the people, culture, and history to back it up. Just need to pour in the money like China did.

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    I sure hope so, and hope maybe next time the other Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong can have a chance. I mean they are growing to be a world power so they have financial abilities behind them to support the hosting of major sport events. Plus, with the record number of golds that China got in their young Chinese sport history, China does have the ability and requirement to hold Summer or Winter Olympic. I hope they can come back in 2020 or 2024 to host the Summer Olympic again because hosting the Olympic actually lets foreigners know more about China and not the misleading news they saw in their country. If U.K. and the U.S. can host more than once of the Olympic, why can't China do it?

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    Yes I agree with you, but India does spend money and lots of it on their national game Cricket, look at the recent 20/twenty competition, I understand that the competition was privately funded though ie corporations etc - why doesn't the Indian government have a go! and bid for an olympic games if can they satisfy the committee that all requirements can be filled? I hope that they do! Maybe an olympic version of the game cricket can be added as well - my money would be on the Aussies though, sorry I'm biased, I'm an Aussie

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    It sounds like you think India should host the Olympics simply for financial gain; which is not a valid reason by any stretch for a nation to host the games. More importantly though, India does not have anywhere near the infrastructure that is necessary to support the games. Additionally, India and sports and athletics have never really gone hand in hand.

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    I think the next Olympics should be given by the pharmaceutical companies.. why pretending being clean since everybody's using some sort of doping, this time the athlete should have the substant/sponsor printed on the jersey.. like this less pple will try to cheat since will be no more cheating.. also decrease the money prizes, no more ferrari's for the fastest but respect for the slowest..

    after all is the olympic spirit should prevail and not commerce

    India as a possible host ..why not?... yoga included!

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    Any country that wants to host the Olympics can bid on it. Could India even afford to build all they facilities to host it? China did it by just taking what the government needed from their people. Good for the country probably less so for the people but the government didn't care.

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    India doesn't have the infrastructure. They never took seriously in the Olympics like the US/Russia/China had.

    Has anyone even seen a picture of any Indian skyscrapers? How do you expect them to build the structures we've seen in Beijing 2008?

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    The olympics can be held anywhere if India wants to put a bid in they can but as long as they can provide the necessities i.e. venues, transport etc. It's up to the goverment.

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    Indians cant do ****!!!

    With their peebrained corrupt politicians they wouldnt be able to host anything

    Indias just one of those bad excuses for a country.Seriously,i know

    Im an Indian myself

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