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If the law like the ATF and DEA was to raid a place and broke stuff but didnt find anything could u sue them?

a buddy of mine was outta town at the time of raid but the atf and dea and other law officals broke a bunch of stuff that cant be replace can he hold the law countable for their "hear-say" actions if so who would he look at for advice i mean who could he trust if the whole system of law enforcement and lawyers,judges,and others are against him...thanks oh yea its in georgia if that matters


thanks i told him if the law busts a place they got a tip and proof....yes its his new friends they are trouble i tried to tell him icecicles dont come in august in the south what ever a icecicle has to do with it i have no idea. just what does he mean by icecicles anyways

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    ATF and DEA doesn't just raid a house on hearsay. Your buddy must have received some inside info to get it cleaned up before the raid. You can try to sue them for broken stuff but it will make life pure H*ll. I'm just wondering why they waited until he left town to raid his house. Maybe it's the friends he is hanging out with.

    Source(s): Not sure what an icicle is, if my son was here he could tell me but he's in San Quentin in CA. If you care about your friend tell him to straighten up before it's too late. Good luck.
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    the DEA wouldn't raid your home on here say they probably have probable cause to search .And even if they didn't find any thing this time you can bet their bet back . So i wouldn't try to sue them that would only infuriate the DEA i would just let it got .

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    Yes...I could sue you for the spelling errors in your question (even if there were none). Getting it to court is another issue.

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