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I'm looking for some new music...?

I feel kind of weird asking this, considering I'm kind of a media buff (not bragging, just saying for the record), but does anyone have any ideas for some good music for my iPod? I listen to a lot of classic and alternative rock, so anything that's even remotely mainstream I've probably heard of or had. Does anyone know some obscure bands that might be good to check out? I like stuff like indie and alternative, and my favorite bands/artists are Nirvana, R.E.M., the Clash, the White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Death Cab For Cutie, Soundgarden, the Cure, Bob Dylan, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica and Pearl Jam (kind of a long list, but that's what I like). Any ideas?

P.S. What are some good emo songs? I've never really dug emo before (look at my asked questions section on my profile and you'll see what I mean), but I'm just curious. Answer the first question before you answer this one, though, please.


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    some really good indie stuff you should check out:

    the strokes

    the vines


    the cribs

    the enemy

    pigeon detectives

    modest mouse

    yeah yeah yeahs


    wolf & cub


    black rebel motorcycle club

    arctic monkeys

    the grates

    the libertines


    tokyo police club

    albert hammond jr.

    arcade fire

    the blackouts

    the blakes

    cold war kids

    the horrors



    the kills


    the filthy youth

    the hives

    franz ferdinand

    the kooks




    the shins

    the subways

    the sunshine underground

    mooney suzuki

    i dont like emo stuff that much but i can name some i know of or that i think are or sound similar to emo:

    my chemical romance

    panic at the disco

    fall out boy

    escape the fate

    the used


    the academy is...

    the fall out theory

    fall of troy

    all time low

    simple plan

    jack's mannequin

    all american rejects

    good charlotte


    the horrors

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    Try Cursive, the Decemberists, Portugal The Man, the Rapture, Black Mountain, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Pop Will Eat Itself, the Black Keys, and maybe Shonen Knife if you can stand Japanese kitsch.

    As for emo... I'm not exactly the expert here, but Ride the Wings of Pestilence and Waltz Moore by From First to Last capture the essence of emocore.

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    SLIPKNOT!, Bless the Fall, Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, Thrice, Bring me the horizon, As Blood Runs Black, Bleeding through, The Agony Scene, Children Of Bodom, Bury Your Dead, Nearea, The Spill Canvas, Dallas Green/City and color, Job For A cowboy, EmilyRose, Disturbed, Dry Kill logic, Norma Jean, Oblige, . And some others, But im too lazy! There Ya go! |m|/

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    Georgie Brennan is great from the Indie scene!

    Katie's Senior Year

    Our Song


    Mothers Love


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    The Pixies (In interviews, Nirvana reported they have been afraid that everybody could say "teenager Spirit" became purely a Pixies rip off. because of the fact while they wrote it, they have been attempting to make a "Pixie-ish" song) Jane's habit Ministry previous NIN Soundgarden Screaming timber Husker Du Throwing Muses Mudhoney Saigon Kick faith not greater Butthole Surfers Sonic babies

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    You might like this song by The Jam! It's called News of the World and one of my favourite songs as of this moment.

    I hate making music suggestions for people I don't know very well because I'm scared that they'll hate the song that I suggest for them. I would recommend more but I'm not too sure that you'll like them. Another great song to have on your iPod is LoveSong by Simple Minds (I have every single song they ever made on my iPod.) It's a great song but based on your taste, you might not like it.

    Hope I helped a little! Oh, I don't know any 'emo' songs though!

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    Look at Does It Offend You, Yeah?

    Emo-wise, try Between the Trees and Black Light Burns (song:lie)

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    I've been listening to these for the last year, they're called Airbourne.

    I've seen them twice and they are superb. I expect them to hit the big time soon.

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