are fruit tingles Australian?

Can you only get fruit tingles (the type of confectionery) in Australia? I'm thinking of taking some over to friends in Canada but I'm worried they have them over there? What is some good aussie confectionery to take over?

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    I don't know if you can actually take any food to other countries due to possible diseases or pest that can harm other countries; because chocolate is made from cocoa bean, its a plant, it may possible harm other countries. I myself would wait until i get up to canada, then buy the chocolate

    Declaring Food items-Lollies are also consider food items. I would watch border security to get some idea and yes you maybe able to take them by plan to california, but they might not allow it there, even if aussies airports excepted the good!

    Buying or taking wildlife products overseas?

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    musical instruments


    tortoise shell and

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    I live in australia and we do have fruit tingles here. Take things to your friends that you can't find in Canada. Get naturals. They taste really nice!

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    I think that they are Australian. Maybe some Starburst lollies or natural confectionery co.? I am pretty sure that they are Australian.

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    How about some redskins or good old jaffers? Or the natural confectionary co. they are aussie

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    yes you can buy fruit tingles here in oz.

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