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Do u think these behaviors are rude at a sporting event like a baseball game or soccer match ?1.Cheering when u team does well. yes or no ? why?2.Cheering when the visiting team does poorly.yes or no ? why?3.Beating drums.yes or no ? why?4.Eating.yes or no ? why?5.Waving large flags with a team's logo on them.yes or no ? why?



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    1.Yes,because cheering can encourage the spirit of your team,which can make your team do better.

    2.Yes,no matter which team score or something good,I think it's general manner to give the team a big hand;however,I'll cheer for my team most likely.

    3.No,beating drums makes loud noise,and most people don't like this kind of cheering.Maybe you can clap your hands,or something else that doesn't interrupt others from watching the game,instead.

    4.Yes and no,it's okay to eat if that doesn't make you too full to watch the game.

    5.Yes,it's the obious way to show our cheering to everyone.

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    1.Yes, Cheering when u team does well is respect the other people's performance. Because somebody will happy.

    2.No, can't Cheering when the visiting team does poorly. Because it isn't polite.

    3.No, you can't beat drums on sporting event. Beause you will Influence the game.

    4.Also yes or not, differnent event has different rules.

    5.No, can't waving large flags with a team's logo on them.Beause you will Influence

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