I need help with a SWOT Analysis?

Im needing a bit of help with this SWOT Analysis. Can you just let me know if Im on the right track.

We have to do a SWOT on a chosen article related to the Australian tourism industry. I chose one about a new airport they will be building in Perth.

strengths: modernised airport, safer security, new hotels

weaknesses: parking?

opportunities: introduces new jobs, maybe new airlines, brings in more tourists?

threats: i dont know

thanks in advance for any tips!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your strengths and opportunities are spot on. Well done. :) The looming depression is more of a weakness than a threat because it is a current issue. Threats are things you have to watch out for ... that *could* occur.

    Airline fuel surcharge increases might mean less airlines looking for more ports. Perth may not attract a lot of airlines. Basically - the business whatifitallwentbad :)

  • 1 decade ago

    a threat is:

    The new deppression! it's already started all of the invesment companys that have gone down already.

    ~ hope that helps =) ~

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