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How to sell Shares and Stocks?

How does selling shares work?

If i use an online broker like...Sharebuilder or Scotttrade, i mean for example, if i buy shares from sharebuilder, can i only sell them to other sharebuilder users? If i buy from scotttrade, can i only sell the shares to other scotttrade customers?

what should i invest in? what should i be researching?

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    You could, however, you will have to be able to deliver your shares to the brokerage firm that you sold your shares,

    If the shares are in your account at Sharebuilder and you sell at Scottrade you will have to deliver the shares to Scottrade. You will not receive any money from the sale until the shares are delivered.

    You can have Scottrade help you with the delivery of the stock by having them give you and ACATS form, which needs to be signed by you (and or approved by you), this form will be delivered through the ACATS system to Sharebuilder who will deliver you stock.

    Arsman gave you bad information, the shares are not sold back to the company, they are sold in the open market, the company has no involvement in the sale of the stock.

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    All u need to do is hit the sell button and the shares will sell. The shares will sold back to the company.

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