Program to open a certain file extension won't work?

I have a few files that I would like to be able to double-click and have them open with a program that I specifically downloaded to decode and play these files. I have followed the instructions which state that I have to create a new folder on the desktop, go under tools and folder options and then click change under the extension submenu. It says to choose an executable, which the program IS, but it won't let me open it with this program. Under the suggested programs are two programs that don't recognize the files, so I'm forced to drag and drop, which works, but is a bit of a hassle to open this program. I tried an alternate method suggested by windows help and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? 10 pts.!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. you can shift+right click on the file(with that extension)

    open with > choose programs > select program> choose always use that> click on ok

    2. go to tools > folder options or control panel. folder options

    Click on the tab File types

    try to search for your extension and change program

    if extension is not there, add it(click on New) and associate program.

    3 go to the folder of program you would like to use. click on the executable which runs those files/extensions , copy it.

    go to

    C:\Documents and Settings\"profile user"\sendto

    and paste your program there, now to open you file just right click on it and select send to and the the program that you want to open it with.

    4. open program that you wan to use, go to its settings/options/preferences., there must be an option for file association.

    btw which application and extension are you using.

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    what i think your trying to say is a default program idk were to go in xp but if you have vista go to start default programs and a thing will come with all that stuff i think what your talking about is associate a file type or protocol with a program and look for the file and set it as the program you want hope this work

  • 1 decade ago

    what is the file extension and program you are trying to use?

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